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Sex Goddess Unleashed

February 04, 2022 Lala's Bedtime Tales Episode 10
Lala's Bedtime Tales: Erotic Stories
Sex Goddess Unleashed
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Hello Erotica Lovers! Welcome to the newest erotic sex story of Lala’s Bedtime Tales! This week’s erotic romance celebrates Valentine’s Day and Black History Month! Therefore, Lala has written a sexy and lusty Black love story to kick off the month of romance! This erotic tale will have you reminiscing on your college years! It’ll make you laugh; you’ll find it relatable, or be thankful you’re no longer dealing with the dating woes of young love. Have you ever had to mend a broken heart before Valentine’s Day? Sometimes, a breakup can be so terrible it’ll have you doing crazy out-of-character things. This week’s erotic sex story,  Nyah Turner, is in that same position. She’s ended a long-term relationship right before Valentine’s Day and is on a quest to find a hot date to avoid being lonely on the holiday of romance. So, she decides to spend her last semester of college living out a hoe phase! Tune in to this sexy erotic Valentine’s Day tale to witness all the chaos of Nyah Turner’s love life.

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