Lala's Bedtime Tales: Erotic Stories

Dazzled by The Devil Part One

January 10, 2023 Lala's Bedtime Tales Episode 22
Lala's Bedtime Tales: Erotic Stories
Dazzled by The Devil Part One
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Hey Beautiful! Welcome to the first episode of 2023! The latest episode of Lala’s Bedtime Tales is a dark bully mafia romance. This is the first part of the erotica sex story. So, stay tuned for the second part that will be dropping next week! Dazzled by the Devil, an erotica sex story centers around Alannah Walsh, the “Gorgeous Rose” of the Irish Mafia, who is marveled at for her beauty. She’s a young woman with many hopes and dreams, but those dreams are squashed by her eldest brother, the Irish Mafia’s boss, when it’s been signed in blood that she will marry the boss of the Greek Mafia to create a strong alliance for the organized crime groups. Will Alannah rise to the occasion and be the perfect dutiful mafia wife or will she crash and burn under the pressures of the mafia world!? 

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(Cont.) Dazzled by The Devil Part One