Lala's Bedtime Tales: Erotic Stories

An Unforgettable Mistake Part Two

May 12, 2023 Lala's Bedtime Tales Episode 29
Lala's Bedtime Tales: Erotic Stories
An Unforgettable Mistake Part Two
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Hey, Lovelies! Welcome to Lala's Bedtime Tales: Erotic Stories Podcast! The latest episode of Lala's Bedtime Tales is a second-chance romance dealing with organized crime and special agents. This is the second part of the erotica sex story. Listen to the first part of An Unforgettable Mistake before diving into this episode. Check out the exclusive Patreon Community for early access to podcast episodes, bonus content, and behind-the-scenes. In the continuation of An Unforgettable Mistake, Constance Townsend's life circumstances have forced her friend and former lover, Maliek Richards, back together. Will this be the second chance romance they need to live happily ever after together? 

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(Cont.) An Unforgettable Mistake Part Two