Lala's Bedtime Tales: Erotic Stories

A Deep Love of Domination

January 07, 2022 Lala's Bedtime Tales Episode 8
Lala's Bedtime Tales: Erotic Stories
A Deep Love of Domination
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Hello Sexy Listeners! Happy New Year! Welcome to the very first episode of Lala’s Bedtime Tales of 2022! This week’s erotic romance story is about power, authority, and a woman who knows no bounds to get what she wants and believes she deserves. Most people like the lifestyle and the money that comes with elite status and authority. But, at what cost? Lala starts the new year with a dark and twisted story about a fierce and confident woman. This week’s erotic story is about Sienna Walker, a woman who craves and loves domination and complete control in every aspect of her life. So, listen up as we explore the dark and spicy world of a domineering woman that’s drunk on power.  

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